Annual Training and Exams

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Don’t delay your MOT Annual Training this year – suspension from testing will affect your business

1st APRIL 2024 – 31st MARCH 2025
The annual training available at Tech CPD means that you can achieve all your DVSA training and online requirements in half a day, either morning or afternoon in the centre of Norwich.  We provide either Car (Group B (3, 4, 5, 7)) or Motorbike CPD (Group A (1,2)) on set dates throughout the year.

Many testers find the process confusing and time consuming, so we help take you through all the steps necessary to ensure that you complete this year’s annual training and record your training in your training log, as well as complete your online assessment.

We can also offer flexible group training at either your place of work or at our training centre in Norwich.

Remember …. if you don’t complete this year’s annual training and record your results on the MTS by 31st March 2025, you’ll be automatically suspended from testing.  If you become suspended, you’d need to complete next year’s annual training and assessment, forward your training log to DVSA and complete a DVSA observed demonstration test – so that you can return to testing.  You’re likely to face delays in being able to start testing again, so we’d recommend that you book your CPD now.
(MOT Special Notice 07-17)

*** The assessment pass mark has now increased to 80%, so it is more important than ever that you complete your training and assessment in plenty of time ***


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Annual Training & Exams

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Annual Training (CPD) and Exams

Car CPD (Class 3,4,5 & 7) OR Motorbike (Class 1 & 2)
Half Day Course

Tue 23 July 2024  9:00-13:00
Wed 24 July 2024  9:00-13:00
Tue 27 August 2024  9:00-13:00
Wed 28 August 2024  9:00-13:00
Thu 10 October 2024  9:00-13:00
Thu 17 October 2024  9:00-13:00

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